1st Neck Point Scouting Group, Nanaimo




All sections enjoy year-round activities with the Neck Point Scouting GroupThe Neck Point Scouting Group has a rich program of activities and events throughout the year. Based on Vancouver Island, we have many outdoor venues available to us throughout the year, offering everything from Skiing and Snow Caves to Canoe trips and summer camps.

All sections experience regular meetings, where we follow the Scouting program with activities from crafts and knowledge to cultural experiences, day trips and overnight camps with their section. During the summer months, each section has a summer camp (or several!) using one of the venues available on Vancouver Island.

The Scouts and Venturers often plan longer camps and trips, with many being based in the mountains of Vancouver Island or on one of the smaller islands off the coast. 2012 saw the purchase of more Canoes which has enhanced the experience for the youth and given greater flexibility to camp on remote islands and lakes.

Our program caters for youth of all skills, and we encourage all youth to have a go and take part in any of the activities that we plan.