1st Neck Point Scouting Group, Nanaimo



Explorer Patrol

This page is dedicated to the 1st Neck Point Scouts Explorer Patrol.

Making temporary survival shelters

Having a shelter from the weather and somewhere to store your pack and gear is essential when you are out on an expedition. If you don't have a text or your tent gets lost, damaged or just soaked in the river, being able to create a makeshift shelter for the night will help you to stay warm, dry and safe. This short presentation shows some examples of simple shelters that you can build with the materials found in the forest or basic supplies you can carry. 

Back-country kit list

Click here to see the back-country kit list for the Explorer Patrol.

Emergency KitsCarry an emergency kit

You should all start making an emergency kit with some essential supplies that you can carry with you on any of our trips. Your emergency kit will have useful items that will help you get unstuck when you really need it. The Venturers have quite a comprehensive kit that is specific to the activities they do, yours may take a while to create but start now. Here are some suggestions for your kit:

  • A small survival bag (orange bag that you can get inside)
  • An emergency foil blanket 
  • A small medical kit with bandaids, medical/hockey tape, a couple of safety pins, small bandage and a couple of antiseptic wipes
  • Spare LED flashlight (small one from the dollar store)
  • Short length of string/para cord
  • Spare flashlight batteries
  • Ziplock bag with matches in it
  • Ziplock bag with drier lint/tinder