1st Neck Point Scouting Group, Nanaimo



Venturer Scouts

Venturer Program for youth aged 14 to 17.
The program development is the responsibility of the youth and the adults act as advisors, rather than leaders. The Venturer section is referred to as a Company, with a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. All positions are held by youth and voted upon annually.
Venturer Company - Canoe SkillsMany of the youth have been through the scouting program for several years and have the skills to safely undertake outdoor recreation activity. These youth provide leadership to new members of the Company and teach safe practices. The Venturer's motto is "Challenge" and they are always looking for new activities that build upon and expand their skill set.

The Venturer company plan and organise their own activity schedule and this includes social activities such as movie theatre trips and bowling, to activities including bike rides, climbing, caving and river swims; and camps including challenge camps, social camps including Skeeter and extended trips away including canoeing camps and year end trips.

The youth are encouraged to develop their own leadership skills in line with the Venturer Program offered by Scouts Canada. This program has more emphasis on the youth learning key skills that will help develop them for post-school activities. Each month the Venturers hold a Business Meeting where they hold minuted meetings to decide on forthcoming activities, fund raising, social activities and a review of their progress through the Scouting program. In addition to the regular business meeting, there is the opportunity for various activites that are planned throughout each month.

View the Venturer Company website at http://neckpointvents.ca