1st Neck Point Scouting Group, Nanaimo



Volunteer Opportunities with 1st Neck Point Scouting Group

The 1st Neck Point Scouting Group are actively seeking volunteers to assist with the running of the Scouts Canada program. Being a volunteer can be a really fun and rewarding job - whether you are working behind the scenes for a couple of hours a month or actively working with the youth to deliver our outstanding and action-packed program!

To be a volunteer, you need to be able to commit a few hours a month (will vary according to the volunteer position), have a clean Police Records Check and be prepared to undertake a short online training course that will help you understand the Scouts Canada program and working with the youth.

We are currently seeking volunteers for the following positions:

Scout Leaders

If you love adventure and seeing kids succeed, then you're a perfect fit for the Scout section at 1st Neck Point! Our successful program has meant that we have reached a limit for the number of kids that we can have in our group. We have strict adult to children ratio that must be observed at regular meetings, activities and when we interact with the youth. Our success has meant that new kids have joined us to a point where we can't take on any more.

If you ask anyone how much time you need to put in they'll tell you "Oh, a couple of hours" - usually with a mischievious smile and a knowing look in their eyes! Being a scout leader isn't really about how much time it takes, more about what you want to put in. We welcome any adults who want to assist in the delivery of our program, you don't have to commit to 20 hours a week, or be an expert mountain climber - in fact, if your thing is crafts and cooking, we need you too! Our program is tailored around some excellent people, we all deliver different qualities to the program and take on different roles. We share the workload and work with everyones personal comfort level.

Find out more about our scout section and see how "just a couple of hours a week" can change lives!

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Venturer Advisors

We are seeking several Venturer Advisors. A Venturer Advisor work with youth aged 14-17 in the delivery of the Scouts Canada Program. This role is a combination of adult supervisor and activity leader, assisting the youth as they prepare their activities and being present when required on adventure trips and activities. An advisor can choose the amount of time they commit to a Venturer company and may see their role as purely administrative and guidance, or as an activity leader. If you are the type of person who loves the Canadian Outdoors, enjoys everything from canoeing to rock climbing to scuba diving and ski-ing to bowling, then this is the job for you! A Venturer advisor may commit to as many hours as they feel comfortable, although an expectation would be 12 - 20 hours a month. If you are adventurous, love the outdoors and have experience that you can share with dynamic teens, then we want to hear from you!

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